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Welcome to The Filtery!

The Filtery is a digital platform that provides curious citizens with well-researched and practical solutions for decreasing the toxins in their bodies and homes. Whether you’re looking for trusted non-toxic brands, answers to your questions about materials or ingredients, or DIY recipes, The Filtery is here to help.

Who Is The Filtery For?

Well, everyone!

Our aim is to provide information that is thorough yet understandable for all readers, regardless of lifestyle or level of experience in the world of non-toxic living.

Our readers range from “natural newbies” who are just getting started on their journey to decreasing the toxins in their environment all the way to those who have been well-versed in environmental toxins for decades.

What Motivates You?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to ditch the toxic chemicals in their home and switch to healthier ones instead.

For some people, it’s having their first child that changes their perspective.

For others, it’s a health condition that makes careful ingredient investigation a necessity.

For others still, it’s a love for this planet and a desire to preserve our natural ecosystems that motivates them to be more mindful of what’s actually in the products they buy.

And for most, there’s more than one reason!

Regardless of what your motivations are, we hope The Filtery can be a place you can return to again and again on your journey.

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