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Can you eat foam packing peanuts? Are they toxic if you, your child, or your pet ingests them? And is this common packing material is recyclable or biodegradable? Let’s clear things up.

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Newborns spend most of their time sleeping! They’re also more vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Here are the best organic and non-toxic bassinets, Moses baskets, and co-sleepers.

Ellen Degeneres’ UnHide Blanket Review: Is It Worth It?

Ellen Degeneres’ super-soft faux fur UnHide blanket has been causing quite a stir over the past couple of years. But does it really live up to the hype? Here is our honest assessment.

Your Ultimate 2021 Organic Holiday Gift Guide (150+ Ideas!)

With over 150 ideas for ethical and organic gifts, this guide will help you shop for everyone on your list, regardless of age, gender, or budget.

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Get the lowdown on everything you need to know about potential toxins in real and artificial Christmas trees so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Are Crayola Products Actually Non-Toxic? (Crayons, Markers, & Paint)

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Is WD-40 Toxic? [& Natural Substitutes That Work]

We’re looking at WD-40 ingredients, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about WD-40 safety, and giving you some better alternatives you can use instead.

Is Goo Gone Toxic? (+ Alternatives That Work)

Can Goo Gone make you sick? Is it toxic to babies or pets? We’re going to investigate the Original Goo Gone ingredients and give you some alternative solutions.

Non-Toxic, PVC-Free Backpacks [For Adults & Kids]

Backpacks and other school supplies are not regulated for toxic chemicals the same way toys are. What are the toxic materials to look for in backpacks, and why?