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Is your k-cup making you sick? Here’s how to identify (& more importantly, prevent) “Keurig sickness” so you don’t make yourself ill from a moldy coffee maker.

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Don’t be fooled by “BPA-free” coffee makersโ€”they can still contain toxins. Here’s how to find truly non-toxic and (almost) plastic-free coffee makers.

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Many consumers wonder if the recognizable “green” brands on store shelves are truly non-toxic, or if they’re just greenwashing. So let’s take a look at Honest.

Ohio Toxic Train Derailment: What Can You Do?

There’s a lot of helpful information out there about the chemical release that occurred in Ohio, but many are still asking: what we can actually do about it?

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With greenwashing a big concern, many consumers wonder whether brands like Grove Collaborative are REALLY as non-toxic and sustainable as they claim to be…

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Brands use terms like “non-toxic,” “clean,” and “eco-friendly” all the time, but do these words actually mean anything? Or are they just greenwashing?

10 Myths & Misconceptions About Non-Toxic Living

Are chemicals actually tested before they hit the shelves? Does “natural” always mean “non-toxic”? Does the does always make the poison? These myths & more.

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Everspring cleaning products come with Target’s “Clean” label, but what does that actually mean? Is Everspring truly non-toxic and eco-friendly? It’s not exactly simple.

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Explore the pros & cons of Seventh Generation’s safety and sustainability initiatives and decide for yourself whether or not they’re guilty of greenwashing.

Caraway Bakeware Review (+ Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic?)

Caraway is a modern cookware and bakeware brand that offers non-stick pots and pans that are free from toxic PFAS chemicals. I wanted to see for myself if Caraway’s products lived up to the hype, and I was also in desperate need of some new baking sheets and pans! So, I bought a bakeware set…

These Are The Safest Non-Toxic Bakeware Brands

Non-toxic bakeware can be a confusing topic. Learn which materials are safest for baking so that you can make the most informed decision for you and your family.

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If you’re looking for 2022 holiday deals for non-toxic, organic, ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly brands, we’ve got you covered for this Black Friday and Cyber Season!

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe? (+ Best Ceramic Cookware Brands)

As ceramic cookware brands like Caraway and GreenPan have become more well-known, it’s led many people to question: is ceramic cookware really non-toxic?