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Best Non-Toxic Bedding Sets & Sheets for 2023

Considering how much time you spend in bed over the course of your life, non-toxic bedding and sheets are a crucial aspect of healthy sleep hygiene and long-term health. Here’s what to look for, and our recommended safe brands.

Is Borax Safe or Toxic? Why Is Borax Banned In U.K.?

Like most products in our society today, borax garners a lot of questions about its toxicity levels. Making one wonder… Is it really safe to use? The answer is not as clear as we’d like.

Is Melamine Safe? (And Alternatives for Melamine Dishes)

The melamine safety record isn’t stellar, so why risk your or your family’s health? Fortunately, there are several melamine tableware alternatives to choose from.

Your Essential Guide to the 7 Types of Plastic

Not all are equally bad for your health or the environment, but some types are definitely worth avoiding. Get in the know about what those little numbers mean.