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The Best Organic & Non-Toxic Weed Killers That Are Safe For Your Family

Most organic weed killers are a safe and healthy alternative for weed control and environmental conservation. So, if you’d like to go green and still eliminate weeds, try a non-toxic weed killer for lawns and gardens.

How to Make DIY Organic Weed Killer (10 Non-Toxic Recipes & Ideas)

Although toxic chemicals have been used for decades to get rid of weeds, today’s gardeners use more eco-friendly methods. Here are some non-toxic and organic DIY recipes for controlling the weeds in your garden.

5 of the Best Natural and Organic Hammocks  

Here’s what to look for in the best natural and organic cotton & hemp hammocks and our recommended brands.

7 of the Best BPA-Free Non-Toxic Popsicle Molds

Just like with water bottles and other food storage, it’s important to be aware of potentially toxic plastic materials that can leach into food and act as endocrine disruptors in the body. Learn more about which materials to look for in non-toxic popsicle molds, which brands are the best, and how to get the most out of your popsicle making experience!

Best Non-Toxic Outdoor Dinnerware for Picnics, BBQs, and more!

Typical outdoor plates, cups, and cutlery contain toxins like phthalates and PFAS. Learn more about the toxic chemicals in outdoor dinnerware and then get our recommended brands.

Is Chalk Toxic? (+ The Best Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk Brands)

Buying chalk should come with a dose of knowledge before giving it to your kids, since not all chalk contains non-toxic ingredients. Learn about sidewalk chalk, along with our list of our favorite clean chalk options for littles.

The Best Non-Toxic & Drinking Water Safe Garden Hoses

Most garden hoses contain toxic chemicals like PVC, lead, and phthalates. Here is what to look for in a non-toxic garden hose and our recommended brands.

The Best Non-Toxic Kiddie Pools

The bad news is that finding a non-toxic kiddie pool is a bit of a challenge, considering most of them are made from PVC. So, here’s what to look for when you’re shopping (and a few safer brands).

Where To Find Non-Toxic Sandbox Sand

Where can you get non-toxic play sand that you can trust? I’ve got all the details you need about the best, safest play sand for the sandbox.

Earth Day Sales 2022 (For the Whole Month of April!)

We’ve put together a roundup of promotions going on for all of Earth month. We’ll be updating this list regularly as the month goes on, so be sure to check back!

7 DIY Ways to Create a Natural Playground at Home

Natural play has a ton of benefits (for kids AND adults!). Here are some great DIY ideas for creating a natural playground that the whole family will love.

7 Best Non-Toxic & Organic Bath Mats

Whether you’re looking for a non-slip mat to use inside your bathtub or an absorbent organic bath mat for outside of it, here’s what to look for (and our favorite brands).

8 Best Organic Kitchen Towels for Sparkling Dishes

Not only are organic kitchen towels more eco-friendly and healthier for your home, but they also tend to be of a higher quality compared to those cheap kitchen towels made from polyester or whatever. Here are our favorite brands!

7 Best Organic Bath Towels (Cotton, Hemp, Linen, & Made in USA)

Learn about why organic towels are better, what to look for, and our favorite non-toxic, sustainable brands.

9 Organic Beach Towels for Your Non-Toxic Summer

Learn about the pros and cons of beach towels made from recycled plastic bottles, plus our favorite natural and organic beach towel brands to choose from instead.

Where To Buy Organic Flowers (Bouquets, Potted, Dried, & More)

If you need to send a loved one a bouquet or just want to brighten up your space, here are the best places to find organic, eco-friendly, and locally-grown flowers!

An Honest Review of the Lalo High Chair (aka “The Chair”)

The Lalo High Chair definitely has a lot going for it, along with a few shortcomings. After trying it out for several weeks, I’ve put all of my honest thoughts together for you here in the hopes that it will help you decide whether The Chair will be a good fit for you and your little one.

The Best Non-Toxic Ergonomic Office Chairs (& Cushions!)

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best non-toxic office chair for you: materials, ergonomics, aesthetics, working habits, and more. We put together this guide to help!

How to Create a Non-Toxic & Sustainable Home Office

Our work environment can make a big difference in how we feel. For that reason, we’ve put together a guide to creating a non-toxic and sustainable office.

Where to Find the Best Non-Toxic & Natural Wood Desks

Most of us spend quite a bit of time at our desks each day. Choosing a non-toxic and natural desk can help decrease indoor air pollution and foster a healthy work environment.