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Is Goo Gone Toxic? (+ Alternatives That Work)

Can Goo Gone make you sick? Is it toxic to babies or pets? We’re going to investigate the Original Goo Gone ingredients and give you some alternative solutions.

Rayon vs. Cotton: Which is the Healthier Fabric?

Both rayon and cotton fabric are versatile and therefore widely used today for clothing, bedding, and more. But what are the pros and cons, similarities and differences of these two fabrics? Which one is better for your health and for the environment?

What is PEVA? Are PEVA Shower Curtains Non-Toxic?

PEVA is a common PVC-free alternative to shower curtains and liners. But what is it? And what is the best material for a non-toxic, natural shower curtain?

Best Non-Toxic Paper Towels (Bamboo, Reusable, Unbleached, & More)

A look at the common toxins found in conventional paper towels, the best bamboo and unbleached paper towel brands, and other great alternatives.

What Is Rayon Fabric? (& Is It Toxic?)

Rayon is a popular, high-performing fabric. Since the raw material is sourced from trees and bamboo, it’s often advertised as “eco-friendly.” But is it really?

Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel: What’s the Difference?

When you’re shopping for towels, you may see two terms: bath sheets vs. bath towels. But what’s actually the difference, and which one is best for you?

Best Unbleached, Chemical-Free Toilet Paper For Your Bum

Toilet paper wreaks havoc on our environment and contains toxins. These are the best chemical-free toilet paper brands and healthy toilet paper alternatives.

The 14 Best Non-Toxic Dishwasher Detergent & Liquid Dish Soap Brands

A lot of the soaps we use daily contain toxic ingredients. So here are the best non-toxic dishwasher detergent and liquid dish soap brands!

Non-Toxic Alternatives To Dryer Sheets For Static & Smell

How do dryer sheets actually work, and do they contain toxic ingredients? There are plenty of great alternatives to dryer sheets for static and smell. So here they are!

Building Related Illness VS. Sick Building Syndrome

Can a place make you sick? The short answer is: yes. How do you know if your house or workplace is making you sick? Unfortunately, that’s a tougher question to answer.

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Mold on Plant Soil

Sometimes, when your plant’s ecosystem becomes unbalanced, fungi, mold, and mildew can start to grow. Here’s what mold on plant soil means, how to prevent it, and how to get rid of it.

Are Downy Unstopables Toxic?

These colorful beads might leave your clothes smelling good for a while, but are laundry scent boosters safe? Are Downy Unstopables toxic? We’re going to break down the ingredients and then discuss some healthier ways to keep your laundry smelling fresh.

Is Febreze Toxic? (To Humans, Dogs, or Cats?)

In this article, we’re investigating the ingredients in Febreze to find out if they’re potentially harmful. Is Febreze toxic to you or your pets? Let’s find out.

Best Non-Toxic Bedding Sets & Sheets for 2023

Considering how much time you spend in bed over the course of your life, non-toxic bedding and sheets are a crucial aspect of healthy sleep hygiene and long-term health. Here’s what to look for, and our recommended safe brands.

Is Borax Safe or Toxic? Why Is Borax Banned In U.K.?

Like most products in our society today, borax garners a lot of questions about its toxicity levels. Making one wonder… Is it really safe to use? The answer is not as clear as we’d like.

8 Of the Best Non-Toxic Plug-In Air Fresheners for Your Home

You’ve likely seen those TV commercials in which someone plugs in an air freshener and is magically transported to a field of flowers, a glistening waterfall, or a pine forest—places that are far from the stresses of one’s day. Although these commercials appear to feature nothing more than a soothing fragrance, there’s a lot more…

Is Melamine Safe? (And Alternatives for Melamine Dishes)

The melamine safety record isn’t stellar, so why risk your or your family’s health? Fortunately, there are several melamine tableware alternatives to choose from.

Your Essential Guide to the 7 Types of Plastic

Not all are equally bad for your health or the environment, but some types are definitely worth avoiding. Get in the know about what those little numbers mean.