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8 Best Organic & Non-Toxic Crib Mattresses

Babies spend a LOT of time sleeping, and their developing bodies (and minds!) are more vulnerable to environmental toxins. That’s why choosing an organic crib mattress is important. Here’s what to look for and our favorite non-toxic crib mattress brands.

Your Guide to Non-Toxic School Supplies

There tends to be a lot of plastics, mystery chemicals, and toxic contaminants in school supplies. If you’d prefer to go with more natural materials when possible, look no further. Here’s our guide to non-toxic school supplies!

16 Cute & Comfy Organic Kids’ Clothes Brands (& Babies, Too!)

We’ve rounded up the best organic kids’ clothing brands that use natural, skin-friendly materials, non-toxic dyes, and ethical manufacturing processes.

6+ Non-Toxic Lunch Boxes & Bags (for Kids & Adults!)

It’s important to avoid PVC, bisphenols, phthalates, & PFAS in your food storage. You don’t want to eat these chemicals! Here are the best non-toxic lunch boxes and bags.

15 Non-Toxic, PVC-Free Backpacks (For Adults & Kids)

Backpacks and other school supplies are not regulated for toxic chemicals the same way toys are. What are the toxic materials to look for in backpacks, and why?

The Best Non-Toxic Toys & Floaties for the Beach, Pool, & Sandbox [2023]

If you, like me, are trying to find more non-toxic and eco-friendly toys for your kids this summer, I’ve rounded up my recommendations for the best non-toxic pool, sandbox, and beach toys for kids.

The 17 Best ORGANIC PAJAMAS for the Whole Family [2023]

Wearing non-toxic and organic pajamas is one small thing you can do to cultivate a healthy sleep environment for yourself and your family. We’ve researched and rounded up the BEST organic sleepwear brands for everyone in the family.

7 Organic & Non-Toxic Bean Bag Chair Brands (+ Filling Alternatives!)

Bean bag chairs have always been a playroom staple, but they’re often filled with toxic polystyrene. Here are the materials to use instead, and a few recommended brands!

Is Kinetic Sand Toxic?

Moldable sensory sand is a popular playtime activity, but what is it actually made out of? Is kinetic sand toxic? Here’s what you need to know.