I don’t know about you, but my kitchen towels get some of the most action of any other textile in my home. They’re constantly being thrown around the counters and floors, being used to clean up all sorts of spills, to dry off pots and pans, and more.

Not only are organic kitchen towels more eco-friendly and healthier for your home, but they also tend to be of a higher quality compared to those cheap kitchen towels made from polyester or whatever. Since it’s an item I use SO many times on a daily basis, I personally just feel better overall reaching for my non-toxic dish towels.

So, in this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite brands for linen, hemp, and organic cotton kitchen towels in each category.

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Why Are Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels Better?

When it comes to textiles, fabrics that are grown without the use of toxic pesticides are better both for human and environmental health (aren’t they the same thing, anyway?). You can read more about why organic cotton is better for towels on this article.

You’ll also notice some hemp and linen kitchen towels on this list. These are also great options for eco-firendly kitchen and dish towels.

Not only are these two fibers sustainable (they grow fast, have the ability to restore the soil, and don’t require pesticides or a bunch of water), but they’re both also naturally fast-drying and resistant to mold and mildew growth. They also tend to be really strong and durable, so they can hold up for a while in your busy kitchen.

Plus, like organic cotton, they’re fully biodegradable at the end of their life (as long as there aren’t any synthetic or non-biodegradable dyes or other additives).

To choose our favorite brands from the list below, we’ve also taken some other factors into consideration, like:

  • What third-party certifications do they have?
  • Are they undyed or colored with non-toxic dyes?
  • Where are they made and are they manufactured using ethical, fair trade practices?
  • Are they high-quality and durable?
  • Will they look beautiful in your kitchen?

Oh, and if you’re looking for more disposable kitchen towels, check out this article for the best non-toxic paper towels.

These Are the Best Brands for Natural and Organic Kitchen & Dish Towels

Coyuchi (Most Stylish)


Price: $54-$58 for a set
Made in: India

You’ll notice Coyuchi toward the top of a lot of our guides to eco-friendly and organic home textiles. Not only do they use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, but many of their products hold other third-party certifications such as Fair Trade and MADE SAFE.

They carry two primary styles for their kitchen towels: Organic Waffle and Shasta Knit. The Waffle ones are on the more affordable side, while the Shasta Knit ones have a more luxurious feel to them. The yarn fibers are twisted and “reversed knit” in the middle for an extra soft feel while being able to dry fast. Plus they’ve got a loop for easy hanging.

Both collections include beautiful colors, if you ask me!

Coyuchi’s kitchen collection also includes cloth napkins, organic snack bags, and organic bowl covers!

Shop Coyuchi

Sur La Table (Most Absorbent)

organic dish towels from sur la table

Price: $20 for a set of 2
Made in: Turkey

A lot of kitchen towels are on the thinner side. This makes them more lightweight so you can easily ove them around the kitchen as you cook and it also means they dry faster and prevents moldy smells from invading your kitchen.

But if you’re looking for a kitchen towel that’s a little more plush, Sur La Table has a great set that’s made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

This set is available in standard white and gray along with a few bright colors like “Chamomile,” “Sage,” and “Borage.” They also have a set of organic dishcloths, which are very similar but just a smaller size.

Shop Sur La Table

Rawganique (Best Hemp)

Price: $19
Made in: Europe

Rawganique actually has a pretty large collection of non-toxic and natural towels, and their hemp waffle hand towels are some of our favorite.

Unbleached and undyed, these hemp dish towels are completely free from any toxic chemicals. And everything from Rawganique is sweatshop-free, made ethically in Europe and the USA.

In addition to hemp, they also carry towels made from linen and organic cotton that come in a variety of sizes and textures (like waffle, honeycomb, ribbed, and plush).

Shop Rawganique

Full Circle (Most Affordable)

non toxic organic dish cloths from full circle home

Price: $10 for a 3-pack
Made in: China

Full Circle carries a few different kinds of organic dishcloths, kitchen towels, and “scrubby cloths,” all of which are available at affordable price points.

Their zero waste “scrubby cloths” are made from a combination of organic cotton and Japanese washy paper, so one side can help you scrub your dishes clean and the other side is softer. Or if you want a more standard cloth or towel, choose from their colorful, plant-dyed collection.

Full Circle is a Certified B Corp brand and many of their products are responsibly made in China. Most of their packaging is recycled and/or plastic-free, too.

They also carry a lot of other non-toxic and eco-friendly kitchen essentials, too, from pot holders and aprons to dish brushes and food storage bags.

Shop Full Circle on EarthHero | Shop Full Circle at Walmart

P.S. Public Goods also has a good option for organic kitchen towels at a budget-friendly price point!

Wonder Linen (Best Linen)

Price: $8+
Made in: Lithuania

Are these linen kitchen towels not gorgeous!? They’re handmade out of 100% linen. You can choose from 10 different sizes, ruffles or no ruffles, and a LOT of different solid colors and stripes.

Wonder Linen carries a lot of other beautiful linen home goods too, from bedding to tablecloths to curtains and more. You can even buy their beautiful linen fabric by the yard for your own project!

Shop Wonder Linen

Pottery Barn (Most Variety)

Price: $30+ for a set

As should probably be expected, Pottery Barn carries a lot of different styles, sizes, and colors of dishcloths and kitchen towels.

Some of them are made from conventional cotton, while others are made from organic cotton, linen, or a blend. Whether you’re going for more of a rustic farmhouse vibe, vintage linen, French striped, or simple tea towels, they’ve got options for you.

Some of these give you the option of adding a monogram or personalization, too.

Shop Pottery Barn

Lifekind (Best Made in USA)

made in usa organic cotton kitchen towels

Price: $30 for a set of 2
Made in: USA

To be honest, it’s pretty darn hard to find kitchen towels that are both organic AND made in the USA. But we did find a nice set from Lifekind!

These made in the USA dish towels are made out of GOTS certified organic colorgrown cotton and are available in sage or tan stripe.

Shop Lifekind

Magic Linen (Best Tea Towels)

Price: $12
Made in: Lithuania

Another great linen towel brand, Magic Linen’s sustainable tea towels are soft, durable, absorbent, stylish, and of course, super practical. They come with a loop so you can easily hang them to dry, too.

Not only are they made from 100% stonewashed linen that comes from European flax, but they’re OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’re free from potentially harmful chemicals.

They also have a ruffled version, too!

Shop Magic Linen


The next time you notice your old kitchen towels getting ratting and too-stained-to-save, consider replacing them with one of the eco-friendly and organic brands above. Not only are these sustainable dish towels free from harmful pesticides, but they also tend to be of a higher quality compared to your more “conventional” options.

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