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The Best Non-Toxic & Natural Deodorant for Kids & Teens

10 Minutes read

Puberty is hard enough as it is and dealing with body odor doesn’t make it any easier! The good news is that there are plenty of non-toxic and natural deodorant brands for kids and teens that are not only safe but are also effective and easy to use.

Is Native Deodorant Good? (+ EVERYTHING You Want to Know About This “Natural” Deo)

17 Minutes read

Is Native deodorant good? Does it actually work? Is it really “natural”? Does it stain clothes? Where can you buy it? We’re literally answering all of your questions about this trendy deo.

Is Dove Deodorant Safe? (Let’s Investigate!)

10 Minutes read

With its clean aesthetic and feel-good campaigns, Dove seems like a great brand that cares about its customers’ health and wellbeing. But do its ingredient labels align with the brand’s messaging? We’re taking a deep dive into the ingredients in all of Dove’s varieties of deodorant to find out just how safe these personal care products really are.

Are Baking Soda & Magnesium Hydroxide in Deodorant Good?

8 Minutes read

There’s a bit of controversy about whether these two ingredients are actually good for your skin. So, we’re investigating them to find out the pros and cons of using baking soda and magnesium in deodorants.

Deodorant for Sensitive Skin (The Best 12 Brands for 2023)

17 Minutes read

Irritated pits? Here’s what could potentially be causing your armpit irritation, what to do about it, and the list of the best deodorant for sensitive skin.

The Best Safe, Non-Toxic Plug-In Air Fresheners (2023)

16 Minutes read

If youโ€™re doing an overhaul on your household products, a good place to start is with non-toxic plug-in air fresheners. Making the switch is pretty darn easy in 2023!

Natural Skincare for Teens & Tweens (12 Organic & Non-Toxic Brands)

19 Minutes read

Being a teenager (or tweenager) is hard… And having to worry about things like acne doesn’t make it much easier! We’ve rounded up the best non-toxic and natural skincare brands for healthy teenage skin.

Non-Toxic & Organic Makeup Kits For Kids, Tweens, & Teens

15 Minutes read

Let’s talk about the benefits of choosing non-toxic & organic makeup kits for tweens and teens, the ingredients to be careful of, and which brands you can trust.

13 Best Non-Toxic & Natural Skincare Brands for Men

13 Minutes read

Skip the endocrine disruptors and skin irritants. Instead, nourish your skin with these gender-neutral, non-toxic, and natural skincare brands for men.

Is Grove Co. Actually Non-Toxic? (Or Is It Greenwashing?)

16 Minutes read

With greenwashing a big concern, many consumers wonder whether brands like Grove Collaborative are REALLY as non-toxic and sustainable as they claim to be…

Are Method Products Safe? (& What’s With the Lawsuit?)

12 Minutes read

Learn about the pros and cons of Method’s ingredients so you can decide for yourself if Method is really non-toxic and if you want to use it in your home.

Is Seventh Generation Really Safe & Non-Toxic?

12 Minutes read

Explore the pros & cons of Seventh Generation’s safety and sustainability initiatives and decide for yourself whether or not they’re guilty of greenwashing.

25+ Organic Stocking Stuffer Ideas (For Kids & Adults)

10 Minutes read

Whether you’re looking for organic stocking stuffers, affordable & budget-friendly gifts, or gifts that can be easily shipped through the mail, we’ve got you covered.

Organic Gifts for Everyone On Your List (150+ Gift Ideas!)

37 Minutes read

With over 150 ideas for ethical and organic gifts, this guide will help you shop for all of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones, regardless of age, gender, or budget.


5 Minutes read

Here is a running list of some of our favorite brands for your low-tox home. This page contains affiliate links, which means we may earn commission if you choose to make a purchase (at no extra cost to you). As always, all of our recommendations are genuine.

Your Guide to Non-Toxic School Supplies

18 Minutes read

There tends to be a lot of plastics, mystery chemicals, and toxic contaminants in school supplies. If you’d prefer to go with more natural materials when possible, look no further. Here’s our guide to non-toxic school supplies!

16 Cute & Comfy Organic Kids’ Clothes Brands (& Babies, Too!)

17 Minutes read

We’ve rounded up the best organic kids’ clothing brands that use natural, skin-friendly materials, non-toxic dyes, and ethical manufacturing processes.

An Honest Review of Native Toothpaste

14 Minutes read

We’re looking into Native toothpaste ingredients, the pros & cons, whether or not it’s suitable for kids, general thoughts on effectiveness, and more.

16 Petroleum Jelly Alternatives for Truly Nourished Skin

14 Minutes read

Learn about why petroleum jelly (a.k.a. petrolatum) isn’t great for your skin and our favorite natural, organic, and non-toxic petroleum jelly alternatives to use instead.

Is St. Ives REALLY “100% Natural”?

8 Minutes read

We’re taking a look at a number of St. Ives products and asking: Is St. Ives actually “all natural”? Are their products made with non-toxic ingredients? Is St. Ives good for your skin?

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