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Native Shampoo & Conditioner: Does it Work? Is it Non-Toxic?

9 Minutes read

In this article, we’re investigating Native shampoo and conditioner ingredients (are they safe and non-toxic?), what hair types are best suited for Native’s hair care products, and our honest thoughts after using Native’s hair care products.

Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Safe? Can the Ingredients Cause Cancer?

9 Minutes read

A recent recall of 32 P&G dry shampoo products has many asking: what about Batiste?! Does this popular brand contain benzene, too? Is Batiste dry shampoo safe to use?

Here’s Where to Find Nickel-Free Razors

9 Minutes read

We looked into a list of the most popular razor brands (including disposables, safety razors, and electric razors), to find out which ones carry nickel-free razors.

Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrance [How Toxic Chemicals HIDE In Your Products]

14 Minutes read

Are synthetic fragrances bad? And what’s the difference between synthetic and natural fragrances? Learn all about the dangers and synthetic scents and more.

The Disco Eye Stick is My New Favorite Skincare Staple

8 Minutes read

The Disco Eye Stick is advertised as being great for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, so I decided to give this stick a try and let you know what I think!

A Simplified List of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

8 Minutes read

You may have heard about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your furniture or carpeting, but what exactly are they? Here’s a list of the most common VOCs along with where they’re found, what it means for human health, and what you can do about it.

Which Lipstick Brands Are Really Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free in 2023?

17 Minutes read

In this article, we’re going to talk about all things non-toxic lipsticks, glosses, and balms: what are the chemicals to avoid, and which brands are safe.

The 15 Best Non-Toxic, Sulfate-Free Body Wash Brands

10 Minutes read

You’ve likely heard that “sulfate-free” products are a good thing, but what even are sulfates anyway, and why should you consider using sulfate-free body wash (Plus: which non-toxic body wash brands can you find at Target, Walmart, and drugstores?)

8+ Non-Toxic, Natural Drugstore Mascara Brands

14 Minutes read

Here are the brands of non-toxic drugstore mascara that are available in many convenience, grocery, and big box stores like Walmart and Target. (Plus the toxic ingredients to avoid in conventional mascara.)


10 Minutes read

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