Bras can be a bit of a complicated topic to begin with… Sometimes they’re restricting and uncomfortable, so it can be hard to find one that really fits you. And there are all kinds of outdated and unnecessary social expectations that come along with bras, boobs, and nips.

Add to that the fact that most bras are made out of synthetic fabrics that are not ideal to have against your skin (and are also not great for the planet).

The good news is that there are actually some great brands that now make non-toxic bras that are not only more sustainable but are also comfortable and high-quality. In this guide, you’ll find standard organic cotton bras, bralettes, and sports bras that come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges.

When it comes to eco-friendly bras, there’s no reason to sacrifice comfort, confidence, and the right amount of support. We hope you can find your next favorite bra brand from the companies listed below!

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What to Look for in a Healthier Bra

When shopping for bras and bralettes that are better for your skin, here are a few things to look out for:

1. Natural, Organic, and Sustainable Materials

Most of the bras that come from more ‘mainstream’ brands are made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

These types of fabrics have various pros and cons, but none of them are good for our ecosystem. Not only are they petroleum-based products, but they can also shed microplastics as they’re worn and washed, which are slowly starting to wreak havoc on plant, animal, and human life.

Plus, synthetics are more likely to contain toxic chemicals like heavy metals and endocrine disruptors. For example, in 2022, when the Center for Environmental Health tested polyester sports bras from several different brands, they found levels of BPA that exceeded the “allowable” amounts set by California Prop 65.

Then there are semi-synthetic fabrics, like rayon. Although these types of fabrics use plant material such as bamboo as their starting material, the manufacturing process required to transform those plants into a soft and silky fabric requires a few different toxic chemicals, which pose a big problem to the workers manufacturing them, along with the surrounding communities. Part of the problem is that not all rayon fabrics are created equal, and some are more toxic than others. You can read more about that here.

Conventional cotton is another fabric commonly used in regular bras, bralettes, and sports bras. Although it’s a natural fiber, conventional cotton is not always the best choice because of the fact that it’s sprayed with lots of herbicides and pesticides and is quite water-intensive to grow. That being said, even conventional cotton tends to be better than polyester for those with sensitive skin.

But your best best is to look for regenerative and organic cotton when possible, which is grown using methods that are not only healthier for the soil, but also better for the pollinators, the farm workers, the surrounding communities, and our overall ecosystem.

Plus, some organic certifications like GOTS also have rules about what can be added to the fabrics—think dyes, “performance” finishes, etc. So organic bras tend to be much less likely to have toxic chemical additives.

In addition to organic cotton, we’ve also included hemp bras in this guide. Although this super sustainable fiber unfortunately got caught up in the war on drugs and has therefore not been widely used in consumer goods, we are beginning to see an increase in hemp underwear, clothing, and other hemp products on the market.

Hemp is a really awesome eco-friendly fabric: it’s breathable and naturally anti-microbial, it’s soft and strong, and it has several sustainable qualities to it. It’s not picky when it comes to climate (it will grow in a variety of different regions), it doesn’t require pesticides or very much water to grow, and it takes up less land than other comparable crops.

2. Non-Toxic Dyes & No Added Fabric Treatments

The other thing to consider when shopping for bras is how the fabric is dyed and treated. Look for azo-free dyes (or even better: dye-free) whenever possible. 

Additionally, try to avoid words like “moisture-wicking,” “anti-wrinkle,” and “stain resistant.” This type of language usually indicates that a piece of clothing has been treated with toxic PFAS, formaldehyde, or other toxic chemicals.

3. Fair Labor & Ethical Manufacturing Processes

Considering the workers involved in your bra’s supply chain is an important part of evaluating safety and sustainability. Look for brands that are committed to transparency when it comes to the factories they work with. Where are the factories located? Do they own the factories and/or visit them regularly? How can they guarantee that workers are safe and paid a living wage?

4. Third-Party Certifications

Looking for third-party labels can be a helpful way to identify brands that are making better bras. These certifications are not perfect, but they indicate that a brand or product has been tested and verified using a third-party set of criteria. Some of the labels commonly used for non-toxic and eco-friendly bras include:

  • GOTS organic (which indicates the cotton has been grown using organic methods)
  • OEKO-TEX (which certifies that an end product has been tested to be free of a list of harmful toxins)
  • Fairtrade International & Fair Trade USA (which verifies that the workers involved in the supply chain are paid living wages and work under safe conditions, and that no child labor is used)

5. A Bra That Makes You Feel Good!

Lastly, make sure your bras fit well and feel good! Don’t like underwires? Don’t buy them! Prefer sports bras or bralettes over traditional bras with padding? Go for it. You deserve to wear clothing that is not only non-toxic and sustainable but also leaves you feeling comfortable and confident.

These Are The Best Brands for Organic Cotton Bras, Hemp Bralettes, Non-Toxic Sports Bras, & More

Now let’s get to it. Here are the best brands to check out for organic bras:

1. Knickey

Type: Bralettes
Price: $48
Sizes: XXS – XXXL
Made In: NYC

Knickey’s everyday undies are designed to let your body and mind breathe easy, with super-soft certified organic cotton bralettes to benefit your body and the planet. Their mission is to make organic your daily default – and they’re definitely making this easy for us with their organic, size-inclusive bralette collection.

With colors good enough to eat, such as Butterscotch and Peachy Keen, and clear, transparent messaging about every product’s environmental impact, Knickey’s toxic-free bralettes are a top choice.

My Take: I’ve been wearing Knickey’s bras for several years now. My favorite is probably the Keyhole—it’s got hook-and-eye closures in the back and has just the right amount of fabric where it feels very supportive, but still super comfortable.

2. Juliemay

Type: Supportive underwired, non-wired, back support, sports bras, non-wired/bralette, front-fastening
Price: $61 (on sale) – $95
Sizes: 8-18, 32B-40G
Made In: UK

We love the selection Juliemay offers. Not only are these bras made with organic cotton and silk, but they’re super comfortable and great for those with sensitive skin. Not only that, but they have a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes (and they even offer custom sizing if you need it!). Plus, everything is ethically made in the UK using sustainable manufacturing practices.

If you’re looking for a bra that’s both comfortable but still has a feminine design to it, you should definitely check out Juliemay’s collection.

My Take: I’ve been wearing JulieMay for a while now and I have to say… They really did find the balance of comfy and sexy! Most of the fabric that’s actually against your skin is super soft—softer than cotton usually feels. (I say most because it depends on the style… As you can see pictured above, there’s a section of the panties that are just lace.)

The bras are lined with that same soft cotton, so even though it looks lacy, it feels more like you’re wearing that go-to, most comfortable set of underwear!

P. S. Make sure you use their sizing chart (with your exact measurements) before placing your purchase!

Use the code JULIEMAY for 10% off your first order.


Type: Bralettes, bra tops
Price: $20 (on sale) – $44
Sizes: XS-XXL
Made In: USA

Working with Fairtrade factories to create their GOTS certified organic cotton bralettes, Pact’s mission is to build Earth’s favorite clothing company. We think they’re on the right track – with soft triangle bras, bra tops, and modern racerback bras all available in numerous colors, these bras ooze comfort.

As well as using organic cotton, Pact carbon offsets their shipping and thoughtfully chooses their packaging to minimize their environmental impact even further.

My Take: I have several of Pact’s triangle bras and I think they’re a great easy-to-wear everyday bra. They pull over so you don’t have to worry about hooks, and they work with a wide variety of shirts.

And use the code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off full-priced items.


Type: Sports bra, scoop bralette
Price: $42 – $58
Sizes: XS-3XL
Made In: USA

Most activewear isn’t great news for the environment – typically made from synthetic, plastic-based materials that release microplastics when washed. MATE’s Organic Stretch Sports Bra, however, is made from a blend of 92% organic cotton and only 8% spandex, so you can hit your low-medium intensity workouts knowing you’re wearing an earth-kind sports bra that’ll give you all the support you need.

Available in nine colors, this stretchy, unpadded, size-inclusive sports bra is constructed with double-layered fabric to provide you with enough coverage without being suffocating.

They also have a Scoop Bralette that’s great for everyday wear. It’s a pullover bra made with 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex, with two layers for extra support.

It’s all colored with non-toxic dyes and everything is made ethically in Los Angeles.

5. Afends

Type: Wireless bras, sports bras
Price: $20 (on sale) – $35
Sizes: XS-XL
Made In: China

Afends’ bras are made with a combination of organic cotton, hemp, and elastane. Their wireless bralette (pictured above in white) is available in black or white and is a great everyday bra. It’s got adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure in the back.

Their sports bras (pictured above in green) are great not only for working out but also lounging around, running errands, or whatever else! Those are available in a lot of different solid colors, like purple, orange, and blue (in addition to the standard black and white).

Afends has various ethical and sustainable initiatives worked into their business model, too—from their fabric choices to supply chain transparency, to environmental advocacy, and more.

6. Araks

Type: Bralettes, underwired bras
Price: $85 – $115
Sizes: XS-XL and XS D-Cup – LG D-Cup
Made In: New York, USA

Looking for lightweight bras and bralettes that come in enough colors to put the rainbow to shame? Araks is the one for you!

Araks’ consciously crafted cotton lingerie is composed of 70% organic cotton and 30% upcycled cotton mixed with wood pulp. Plus, they only work with suppliers who are as passionate about sustainable practices as they are.

Their organic cotton collection includes bralettes suitable for everyday comfort and underwired bras for when you need that extra bit of support.

7. Thunderpants

Type: Bralettes
Price: $38
Sizes: S-2XL
Made In: Oregon, USA

We love Thunderpants’ unique, eye-catching wireless bralette prints – choose from designs such as Party Guac, Sketchy Snakes, or Marine Whales. They’re all designed by artists local to the minimal-waste factory in Oregon and are made from certified fairtrade organic cotton grown without any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, dyes, or other nasty stuff.

Pairing ultimate comfort with funky designs, these size-inclusive bralettes “might be the world’s most comfortable underwear.” 

8. Lé Buns

Type: Bralettes of various shapes
Price: $14 (on sale) – $45
Sizes: 6-16
Made In: Australia

Each piece from Lé Buns’ collection is ethically made using GOTS certified organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Their team is committed to transparency, ethical manufacturing, and minimal waste throughout the entire supply chain.

Their bralettes and crop tops are available in various shapes, whether you’re looking for something for everyday wear, something more sporty, or even a strapless option. Made using 10% elastane, their pieces are just stretchy enough while still holding their shape as you wear them throughout the day.

My Take: I really love Lé Buns’ “Berta” bralette—I have that one in a few colors. It has more of a sports bra shape and feel, but feels more elevated than your standard sports bra. It’s probably one of the most comfortable bras I have. I wear it all the time, especially if I’m not feeling great or just really wanting to feel comfy but supported, too.

And you can use the code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off.

9. Object Apparel

Type: Bralettes
Price: $52-$56
Sizes: XS-2XL
Made In: Detroit, USA

Object Apparel is committed to creating clothing that doesn’t harm the planet, using GOTS certified organic textiles, natural plant dyes, and non-toxic water-based inks for all their stylish, original-artwork wireless bralettes.

If you think the original artwork is too nice to be kept hidden underneath a top, then don’t worry – they’ve got ‘tank bralettes’ totally suitable for wearing on their own. Go show off the designs!

10. Sustain By Kat

Type: Bralettes & Sports Bras
Price: $56-70
Sizes: XS-XL
Made In: USA

Sustain By Kat offers one of the very first 100% natural and completely synthetic-free sports bras! These are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and a 100% organic wicking hemp lining (with an opening to insert soft cups or nursing pads). Even the elastic and thread used are made from natural and organic materials!

These bralettes and sports bras are available either in undyed or in a couple of beautiful shibori tie-dye colors—dyed from plants!

Everything is ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Shop Sustain By Kat

11. Magi

Type: Bralette
Price: $32
Sizes: XS-XXL
Made In: Portugal

It uses 80% less water than cotton, is four times more breathable, and is naturally antibacterial: introducing hemp, cotton’s latest eco-competitor.

Available in black, cream, or lilac, 1% For The Planet member Magi have designed their bralettes to be as comfy as they are beautiful – and a top choice for the environment.

And use the code THEFILTERY10 for 10% off.

12. WAMA

Type: Bralette
Price: $44
Sizes: XS-3XL
Made In: China

Another hemp industry pioneer, WAMA’s organic triangle or racerback bralettes are super soft, breathable, and will give you the support you need no matter your size. Choose from neutral tones or their signature ‘WAMA Green.’

They’ve got several environmental certifications, such as being PETA approved and a certified Green America business, and their dyeing facilities are Oeko-Tex certified. As for sourcing their hemp from overseas, they’ve thought long and hard about where to source it from, and no other country can produce the quality of hemp fabric that China can.

Unhappy with your purchase? They’ve even got a first pair guarantee, where you can receive a new size, color, or a refund, no questions asked.

13. EmMeMa

Type: Bralette
Price: $30-$85
Sizes: Custom fit
Made In: Canada

You’re spoiled for choice with EmMeMa’s range or organic cotton bralettes – whether you fancy a honey-bee patterned wireless, a red-chili colored padded balconette, or a reversible dog pattern, you’ll find it! There’s also an organic cotton nursing bralette available in ten different patterns.

They’re committed to having a minimal impact on the environment and to creating each piece in a healthy, happy environment. 5% of proceeds are donated to Wildlife Preservation Canada, which makes these bras a true planet-friendly choice.

14. Organic Basics

Type: Bras, bralettes, sports bras
Price: $45-$65
Sizes: XS-XL
Made In: Locations around Europe

Boasting a range of bras in organic cotton, TENCEL, and recycled textiles, Organic Basics is far from basic. Whether you want a classic bra, a lightweight bralette, or a super comfy bralette tank for those sofa days, Organic Basics has got you covered.

As well as having sustainability as their core mission and being transparent about their impact, they’ve also got a ‘Body Friendly Manifesto’ where they’re publicly committed to expanding their size range and not using photoshop on their models. This is the stuff the fashion industry desperately needs! 

15. Eco Intimates

Type: Wireless bras and bralettes
Price: $22 (on sale) – $50 AUD
Sizes: A-G cup
Made In: Indonesia, Australia

Eco Intimates’ range of bras and bralettes aims to remain true to their ethos of creating natural lingerie to remind women how beautiful they are. Choose from pieces such as a pink floral bralette, a sheer silk black bralette, or a full-cup crop for extra coverage.

Using GOTS certified organic cotton and produced in small batches by family-run makers in Indonesia, their lingerie is beautiful, ethically made, and kind to the planet and its people.

16. Honorable Mention: Tomboyx

Type: Bralettes, sports bras, compression tops
Price: $17 (on sale) – $45 
Sizes: XS-4XL
Made In: Asia & South America

Tomboyx deserves an honorable mention here due to their inclusiveness and OEKO-TEX certified conventional cotton.

They’ve got the widest range of sizes we’ve seen, and where they can’t use cotton, they use TENCEL, which is synthetic fabrics’ more sustainable, less toxic competitor. Needing a rainbow-striped racerback bralette like, now? Head to Tomboyx.

Everyone deserves to wear undergarments that are not only non-toxic and sustainable but are also comfortable and help us feel good as we move throughout our days.

This guide brought you some of the best eco-friendly and organic cotton bras, bralettes, and sports bras to try the next time you go bra shopping.

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