Considering that having a child is what motivates many people to switch to a less toxic lifestyle, I was actually surprised to find that there are not a ton of options when it comes to organic maternity underwear and nursing bras!

alSure, you might be able to wear your normal underwear during much of your pregnancy, but you also might want something that fits brer, is more comfortable, and is designed to shape to your baby bump.

So to save you some time, we’ve rounded up the brands offering organic maternity underwear and organic nursing bras. These brands carry both below-the-belly and over-the-belly styles, along with other maternity and postpartum essentials.

And of course, they’re all made from soft, healthy, organic materials.

P.S. If you’re also looking for organic maternity clothing, check out this guide.

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Why Go Organic for Your Maternity Underwear?

As we discussed in our main organic underwear guide, there are several reasons one might choose organic fabrics when it comes to underwear:

  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are derived from petroleum and are not environmentally-friendly.
  • Organic fabrics are made using cotton (and/or other crops, such as hemp) that’s grown and processed without toxic pesticides.
  • Organic underwear is less likely to contain other toxic chemicals such as azo dyes and PFAS (“forever chemicals”). It is even more important that pregnant people try to avoid these types of chemicals, as in-utero exposure has been found to increase risk of a variety of short- and long-term health concerns.
  • Natural and organic fabrics tend to be more breathable and therefore better at preventing bacterial and yeast infections.

One thing to note while you’re shopping is that you’re probably not going to be able to find maternity underwear that’s 100% organic… Pretty much every brand uses anywhere from 5 to 10% elastane (or something similar) for stretch. As you can imagine, this is necessary in order to create a pair of underwear that is truly comfortable, fits you well as your belly grows and then shrinks, and is durable enough to last a while.

It may not be ideal from an end-of-life perspective (since they can’t fully biodegrade and still shed microplastics), but at least these undies contain significantly less synthetic material than their alternatives… And it’s pretty much the best option we have at the moment, anyway.

Here’s Where to Find Organic Nursing Bras and Maternity Underwear for Your Entire Pregnancy & Beyond

Below are the brands that currently offer comfortable, high-quality, and non-toxic/organic underwear for pregnancy and nursing. And for even more recommendations for nursing pads, belly balms, maternity clothing, and more—scroll down!


Carries: Maternity briefs and hipster underwear; nursing bralettes; organic maternity robes, loungewear, leggings, and casual clothing

Pact is one of our favorite brands for organic, non-toxic, and comfortable clothing for the whole family. They actually started with underwear before expanding to casual clothing, sweats, pajamas, and more.

Pact’s cotton maternity underwear comes with GOTS and Fair Trade certifications. For pregnant mamas, they offer a foldover hipster which has “cheeky” coverage with a lace detail on the trim. The “foldover” feature means you can either pull the fabric up over the belly or comfortably fold it down below.

Both styles come with 5% elastane so they’re stretchy enough to fit you during any stage of your pregnancy (and even afterward!). They’re available in black, white, pink, and tan. They offer sizes small to XL and recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size.

Pact also offers a nursing bralette in a variety of colors, which has a wireless crossover design for easy nursing.

Shop Pact and use the code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off full-priced items


Carries: Above-belly and below-belly briefs

Knickey is another great brand for organic and Fair Trade underwear. They have two maternity styles: an above-belly and below-belly. The above-belly ones have a subtle ruching on the side to provide support and “stay-put security” for your whole pregnancy. The below-belly option has a criss-cross elastic design in the front to relieve pressure and provide a more comfortable fit. Both styles provide full coverage in the back.

They’re all made out of 95% GOTS certified organic cotton plus 5% elastane for some stretch. They also come with an OEKO-TEX certification, indicating that the finished product is free from many toxic chemicals, as well as a Fair Trade certification, which means the people making the undies are paid a living wage and work in a safe environment.

Kickey’s sizing is more inclusive, with XS to XXXL available. Sizing is generally true to your pre-pregnancy size. At this time, only basic black, gray, and white colors are available.

Knickey doesn’t technically have nursing bras at this time, but their regular triangle and keyhole bralettes are pretty nursing-friendly.

Shop Knickey’s Maternity Collection

Lé Buns

Carries: Various styles of maternity briefs, underwear shorts, thongs, and nursing bralettes

Lé Buns has a really great collection of maternity underwear and nursing bras. They have both high-waisted and low-rise briefs, underwear shorts, and even two styles of maternity thongs. Available sizes go from 6-22 (AU) / XS-5XL (US) and colors include black, white, tan, and lavender.

Their bralettes come in various styles, including triangle and scoop shapes.

Everything is made out of 90% GOTS certified organic cotton and 10% elastane. They’re super comfortable and provide the perfect amount of stretch and support. Lé Buns also has some other sustainability initiatives in place, including the use of natural dyes and chemical-free manufacturing processes, waste reduction, and frequent factory visits to ensure everything is being made ethically.

Shop Lé Buns and use the code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off your order

The AIM Co.

Carries: Organic maternity underwear

The AIM Co. is a shop on Etsy that offers custom made pregnancy underwear, or as they call it, “scrundlewear.” These undies are available in organic cotton as well as conventional cotton and bamboo fabric. To order the correct fabric, make sure you check the “How to Order” directions, choose from the organic options, and message the creator your fabric choice right after putting in your order.

Sizes go from small to 3XL and they recommend sizing down if you’re in between sizes.

With this Etsy seller, you get custom service so if you have any questions or special requests, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

Shop The AIM Co.


Carries: Maternity underwear and nursing bras

In addition to their standard undies for non-pregnant people, Juem offers several different briefs and bralettes for pregnancy and postpartum as well. Their Edie Brief is a high-rise style with full coverage in the back and the Lou Brief is a high-rise panty with a cheekier, scalloped edge. Both styles are made out of GOTS certified organic cotton + elastane and are available in black, white, lilac, and taupe. Sizes are available from 8 to 16.

They have several different standard triangle bralettes that are nursing-friendly, but they also have a maternity bra that unbuttons and folds down for easy access. It’s made from the same ribbed organic cotton elastane fabric as the underwear, and is available in the same pretty colors.

Juem also offer some lacier options as well. Although these ones are not made with organic fabrics, they are OEKO-TEX certified.

Shop Juem

Boob Design

Carries: Nursing bras and maternity/postpartum underwear (plus other maternity clothing)

Boob is a brand that makes maternity clothes and other essentials that are functional, classy, and mindful of the environment. Although Boob Design’s underwear and nursing bras are not organic, they are made from TENCEL, which is a much better option than other petroleum-based synthetic fabrics. (You can read more about TENCEL right here.)

For underwear, they have two main choices: low waist maternity panties and high waist postpartum panties, which are available in black, light pink, or “tofu” (off-white). Both varieties are made with 94% TENCEL + 6% elastane. For the undies, sizes are available from S to XXL, which are generally equivalent to US sizes 0 to 22. (Make sure to check their sizing chart before purchasing.)

For nursing, they have a selection of different bras—some are soft while others are firm and provide more support (without wires). They offer bras with wide or thin straps and other choices, too. The bras are available in TENCEL, organic cotton, organic wool, and a few recycled synthetics. (Just make sure you check the details on the specific product page before buying to make sure you’re getting the type of fabric you want.) Sizing for the bras range from small (AA) to 48DDD/E.

All of Boob’s nursing bras and maternity underwear is certified by OEKO-TEX (even the synthetic ones), which means they are free from a handful of toxic chemicals. Additionally, on each product page, you can find out more about where and how the item was made.

Boob also carries a variety of maternity clothing and accessories, including a maternity activewear collection made from organic wool! Across their entire collection, they use a variety of both organic and non-organic materials such as organic cotton, organic wool, recycled polyester, and more.

Shop Boob Design

Cache Coer

Carries: Maternity lingerie and nursing bras (plus maternity sleepwear and swimwear)

Cache Coer offers a collection of maternity and nursing underwear that’s made from a variety of fabrics, including organic cotton and TENCEL (as well as some synthetics like polyamide). Most of their fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, including the non-organic ones. Some of their styles are more “basic” while others have more of a lacier lingerie look.

Their organic cotton collection includes a seamless maternity and nursing bra which has a fold-down clip for easy feeding as well as a basic maxi brief. They are available in 3 colors (cumin, natural, and pink), and 4 sizes (S-XL).

Shop Cache Coer

A Few More Options

Although these brands aren’t our favorite, here are a few more “okay” options:

  • Gap has a couple of options for organic maternity panties and nursing bralettes.
  • For something on the sexier side, Savara has one nursing bra available that’s made primarily of TENCEL (plus some polyester for the lace). You can get pre-shaped cups/pads to go with it and they have sizes from small to XXL+.
  • Bodily has an “All-In Panty” which is meant to provide you with comfort and support throughout pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, c-section, and postpartum. It’s NOT made with organic fabric, but it is OEKO-TEX certified.

More Organic Essentials for Pregnancy & Postpartum

You might be looking for some more organic products to make your pregnancy more comfortable. So here are some more places to find organic and non-toxic essentials for your pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond:

Organic Nursing Covers and Wraps

organic cotton nursing wrap from kindred bravely
Image: Kindred Bravely
  • Kindred Bravely has an organic cotton “Skin to Skin” wrap top, which is both a shirt and a wrap.
  • Zestt Organics offers an organic cotton poncho which is great for nursing.
  • Hatch has a nursing sweatshirt with a deep v-neck that’s made primarily of TENCEL.
  • For a more luxurious option, Bee + Roo carries a poncho made out of 100% cashmere.
  • The Milk & Honey Co. has a nursing cover infinity scarf made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo.

Organic Underwear Pads

For postpartum leakage, be wary of period-panty style underwear, as they’ve been found to contain PFAS. Instead, consider going with organic cotton pads, which are available in both disposable and reusable options. Here are some brands to check out:

  • Rael: they have organic cotton pads or various sizes (including reusable), disposable underwear, and they even have a postpartum “New Mom Gift Set.”
  • Natracare offers both postpartum underwear pads as well as nursing pads, which are made out of organic cotton and are MADE SAFE certified.
  • Available at Walmart, Organyc also has a variety of disposable organic pads that are also MADE SAFE certified.
  • Glad Rags is one of the few brands that offers reusable pads made from 100% organic cotton.
  • The Conscious Cloth offers underwear pads as well as nursing pads, diaper inserts, and more.
  • Hannah has both disposable and reusable pads made with organic and conventional cotton.
  • LOLA offers various disposable pads as well as vaginal cleansing wipes and washes.
  • Organic Initiative (OI) also has various sizes of disposable pads made out of organic and plant-derived ingredients.
  • Nyssa has extra long disposable pads made out of organic cotton.

(Note that some of these pads also contain synthetic materials for certain parts of the pads. Stay tuned for a more extensive guide to choosing the best low-tox pads both for periods and postpartum!)

Organic Nursing Pads

  • In addition to their organic postpartum underwear pads, Natracare also carries organic and non-toxic nursing pads.
  • The Conscious Cloth offers reusable nursing pads made out of GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton.
  • Glad Rags also carries washable, reusable, foldover nursing pads made out of 100% organic cotton.

Organic Nipple & Belly Balms

organic boob cream from true botanicals
Image: True Botanicals
  • True Botanicals’ nourishing Boob Cream is gentle yet powerful. Made with organic and non-toxic ingredients, it’s firming and moisturizing.
  • Kate McLeod has a MADE SAFE certified “Mama Stone,” which is an unscented moisturizing bar that’s gentle enough both for all of your postpartum sensitive parts as well as baby’s skin.
  • Honest has a large collection of “Mom Care” products for postpartum self care, from belly butters to cleansing oils and more.
  • Green Earth Naturals offers several different pregnancy and postpartum products like belly oil, nursing cream, and peri spray, which are made out of natural and organic ingredients.
  • Careha & Co. makes various postpartum support products like healing spray, bath soak, and mama + baby salve.
  • AH! Yes carries a great feminine wash that’s made with organic and non-toxic ingredients and is meant to gently help to balance vaginal pH.

Organic Pregnancy & Nursing Pillows

We actually have an entire guide on the best non-toxic and organic pregnancy and nursing pillows, which you can check out here.

Organic Maternity Clothes, Robes, & Nursing Tanks

For our full guide on maternity clothing brands, click here!

We will be adding to this list as more brands offer organic maternity underwear and nursing bras. If you know of any great brands we missed, comment below and we’ll check them out!

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