A winter wardrobe isn’t complete with a great pair of gloves. Warmth, of course, is a priority. But you also need a pair of gloves and/or mittens that is comfortable, durable, and flexible.

A lot of knit gloves are made with acrylic yarn, which is a synthetic material. These synthetics are not great for human health or the environment in the long run. They are fossil fuel products that can contain chemicals that are potentially toxic to human and environmental health. This is why more people are choosing to incorporate more natural and organic textiles into their wardrobes.

Responsibly sourced wool (including cashmere) and organic cotton are great options for winter gloves that are good for you and good for the planet. Below, we’re sharing our favorite brands.

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Types of Wool Gloves

Most (but not all) of our recommended brands use natural wool for their gloves. Different types of wool have varying pros and cons. Merino wool, which comes from a specific kind of sheep, is softer and lighter weight than most other types of sheep’s wool.

Cashmere comes from the undercoat of a certain kind of goat that lives in the Himalayas. It’s softer, finer, and more luxurious compared to most other types of wool, but also tends to be more expensive and less durable.

Alpaca wool is the best of both worlds: it’s soft and lightweight, but also very durable and temperature-regulating. It’s also relatively rare, so it can be more expensive.

Last but not least, recycled wool of various types is a great option because it keeps materials out of landfills and reduces the amount of virgin material needed to be sourced from animals.

When possible, look for brands using Climate Beneficial Wool, which has been verified as regenerative by Fibershed, and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) wool, which ensures a “standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on.”

Organic Cotton & Hemp Gloves

If you don’t like wool or would prefer not to buy animal-derived products, some of the brands below (like Rawganique) also use natural and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and hemp. Although not quite as warm or durable, these are really great non-toxic, plant-based, and vegan alternatives to wool.

Where to Find Natural and Organic Wool, Cashmere, and Cotton Winter Gloves



Smartwool makes some warm but lightweight winter gloves that are made from 100% natural merino wool. (Some of their gloves are made with synthetic fabrics too, though, so make sure to check before purchasing!)


Organic Basics

Organic Basics’ wool gloves are ethically made, lightweight, and gender-neutral. They’re made from recycled cashmere, so not only are they made from super soft natural fibers, but they keeps materials out of landfills, too.



Nadaam offers sustainable and ethically made gloves made from natural and responsibly sourced cashmere that come in a wide variety of gorgeous solid colors for men and women.



Quince’s super-soft gloves are made from Grade A Mongolian cashmere and come in several different solid colors.



Theory’s fold-back gloves/mittens are knit with 100% soft, plush cashmere in a ribbed construction. They come in Black, Ash, and Beige.


Kotn’s long fingerless gloves are made using BCI cotton (which is kind of in between conventional and organic cotton). They’re ethically made in Portugal using certified OEKO-TEX® non-toxic dyes.


Thunder Mile Ranch

These gloves are handmade in the U.S.A. out of alpaca wool that’s responsibly sourced from the U.S. as well. (Some of their gloves do contain some recycled synthetic materials, too.)



Rawganique is a clothing, accessories, and home goods brand that takes non-toxic manufacturing very seriously. Their unisex gloves and mittens are made in the U.S.A. out of organic cotton and hemp and are completely free from toxic dyes or other toxic chemicals.

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